Sunday, May 23, 2010

Team PINCC has arrived in Jalapa, Nicaragua ...

... After a 7 hour journey. We'll hit the ground running bright and
early at the same clinic where PINCC's team first visited last November.

The roads were good all the way, but toward the end were filled with
pedestrians, bicycles, dogs, chickens, the occasional horse or donkey
-- all in the dark with no lights but our headlights. Slow, but safe,

We're here at Hotelito #1 for four nights. Everybody is in the
combination dining room / karaoke bar enjoying chicken soup and
tortillas while local townsfolk sing their hearts out.

I will still be writing about last Friday in San Salvador, where the
Ministry of Health held a big press conference and recognized PINCC's
team (and, of course Dr. Kay), awarding certificates of recognition to
each of us. PINCC, in turn, donated two cryotherapy sets to save
womens' lives for a long time to come.

Please pass along this blog address to your friends and relatives, and
spread the word about the amazing things PINCC is doing in 9 countries
on 3 continents.

More later ...

-- Larry Shushan

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