Monday, May 24, 2010

Jalapa, Nicaragua clinic begins

In the middle of nowhere -- at least for a guy from California -- we
have begun our work in Jalapa, a tiny town in the Department (state)
of Nueva Segovia in Nicaragua. (For those who love Google Earth, the
lat/lon coordinates of the actual clinic are N 13 54.030' and
W 086 07.437').

We arrived at the clinic this morning and got set up, dealing with the
usual first-day issues of coordinating with the local doctors and
nurses. By tomorrow, we'll be running more smoothly, and we'll see
far more patients than today (18).

-- Larry Shushan

Photos: (from top) A little girl of about 6 or so refuses to smile
broadly lest she show her missing teeth. She laughed and smiled
constantly, but as soon as the camera turned anywhere near her, she
locked eyes on the lens, but clammed up. Charming, nevertheless;
PINCC volunteer Rajaa Numan, daughter of PINCC OB/GYN Kenya Numan,
interviews a patient prior to an exam; and a three-generation family
await their turn to be called so mother and grandmother can be
examined by the clinic doctor being supervised by a medico from PINCC.

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