Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Friday: El Salvador honors PINCC

El Salvador Vice Minister of Health Services (and former San Salvador
mayor) Dr. Elvia Violeta Menjivar held an award ceremony and news
conference to thank and recognize PINCC's service to the women of El
Salvador as we wrapped up five days of clinical work in that country
before moving on to Nicaragua on Saturday.

PINCC Director Dr. Kay Taylor awarded certificates to several local
doctors and nurses, and Vice Minister Menjivar gave certificates to
each member of the PINCC team.

PINCC also donated two cryotherapy sets and a biopsy tool, equipment
that can be pressed into service immediately by the newly certified
local medicos.

Afterwards, the Vice Minister spoke to the media, thanking and
praising PINCC's work effusively. The interview appeared extensively
in El Salvador in print and on radio and television.

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