Thursday, May 20, 2010

After just four days: 275 women seen

Wifi was restored this afternoon, so we again have access to the 'net and, therefore, the ability to blog!

Tomorrow we visit our third clinic in the San Salvador area -- San Jacinto.

Today we completed our second day at our second clinic (San Martin), and after an extremely busy day yesterday -- 107 women -- we're already up to a total of 275 women seen.

Just as impressive to me is the amount of training I've watched, with members of our team instructing local clinicians throughout the day in each exam room as well as sitting down in groups before patients arrive, after the day's over and every other chance they get.

You can watch confidence levels rising in the El Salvadorean doctors and nurses as they become more familiar with the visualization technique PINCC brings. Beyond confidence, though, you see expertise growing not only in performing examinations, but in providing cryotherapy or LEEP treatments, as needed.

275 women, 8 LEEP procedures, 18 cryos. Many more lives saved.

-- Larry Shushan, PINCC volunteer

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