Thursday, August 12, 2010

SSSMH Training is Complete

From John Adams


Greetings all from Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh, India


Today we completed our fourth and final day with the Sri Sathya Sai Mobile Hospital -- our third training session here. Dr. Narasimhan wants four or more really outstanding doctors trained to full competence in VIA through LEEP. That way he can have VIA and LEEP (and all the rest) available 12 days every month, in the 12 nodal villages.


Dr. Ruth and Maddy are probably arriving at Bangalore airport about now, and Dr. Rhoda and I have a week to relax and to partake of the other joys available in Puttaparthi.


During the past four days we screened 126 women and found that the degree of pathology is already seeming to be lower after the first two rounds. We carried out two LEEPS and two Cryos and did a slew of biopsys and paps. Thing is, at the SSSMH sites, the mobile hospital has built such trust in the villages it serves that it is easy to get women to return for pap and biopsy readings and so we are using "see & treat" sparingly -- only when the need is obvious.


At our closing village today, Chandrayunipalli, Dr. Narasimhan thanked us profusely and told the whole village and all the volunteer doctors of his commitment to PINCC and his desire to have us do a four day camp every time we are in India to build and build and build an outstanding and highly effective program.


The two camps were tiring but exceptionally rewarding for all of us. We are already plotting our return in December -- when it is likely we will open another site, as well as carrying out #2 with PHRII inMysore and #4 with SSSMH in Andhra.

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