Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Greetings from the land of six syllable villages!

From John Adams

10 August, 2010

Yesterday we were in the village of Veldurthi, and today if was Mylasamudrum. The SSSMH VIA program is rolling along smoothly and we are mostly involved in enhancements and training a few new doctors in LEEP. Soon, the mobile hospital will have four or five LEEP certified doctors to cover each month's cycle of twelve nodal (and almost 400 nearby) villages. Presently there are three.

Dr. Narasimhan has received word from a subsidiary of Honeywell Computing that they will be donating a mobile machine that can upload medical notes to a protected server data base from any village that can make cell phone calls -- which past PINCC volunteers will recognize as "All" villages in the "less developed" parts of the world -- unlike in the 'developed" USA. He hopes to have all data, including VIA data, in digital form within a few months.

One of the doctors we are training at this camp has already started talking about bringing VIA to her hospital in Hyderabad, and numerous new site opportunities presented themselves in the final days in Mysore with the folks at PHRII. 

Another doctor here in Andhra Pradesh, that we certified in LEEP last December, has volunteered to be the second MD trainer in December at PHRII / Cheluvamba Government Women's Hospital! An exciting new feature in our work with the doctors here -- solidify their skills by having them come along and teach!

And good news for all those who want to volunteer in India!  We've been developing a key inside the curtains role for a woman volunteer in each site, thanks to the diligent work of Dr. Ruth Shaber's daughter Maddy. The hard part is developing a meaningful volunteer role for husbands on the outside of the curtains. We are working on it -- should have no trouble in Mysore in December for a volunteer couple -- although not sure if there is a role for the husband in Puttaparthi though. We'll be working on it!

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