Monday, August 2, 2010

Ready to go in Mysore

Dr. Ruth Shaber and her daughter Maddy arrived in Mysore at 4:00 am today and we all have spent most of the day at the Public Health Research Institute's headquarters getting ready for the first ever PINCC clinic in Mysore. We have also toured the St. Joseph's Hospital in Mysore, which is by far the most modern and cleanest and best equipped venues we have seen in our PINCC work anywhere. 
This afternoon, about 30 local docs will come to PHRI to hear Dr. Rhoda's introduction to PINCC and VIA talk. We are already getting the vibe that we may be busy in Mysore for a very long time. This would be really nice, since we have close friends living here, and Mysore, as a city, is so far superior from our Western perspective, to all other Indian cities. It is a real joy to be here.
Dr. Purnima Madhavanan has also arrived, just after hurriedly moving into her new home in Ann Arbor. She is the one who created PHRI and asked us to bring the PINCC program to Mysore. This morning she introduced us to all her research staff, lab workers, and interns. The range of research they are doing here on women's health across the boards is sooo impressive and definitely world class. What a remarkable place we are in!
I will send some photos with my next post. We left the camera in our sleeping quarters after lunch! Nuts! 


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  1. Wonderful to hear the news, you are very much in our hearts.