Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Two Days a Huge Success!

From John Adams

We have now completed two days of screening and training for PHRII, at the St. Joseph Hospital in Mysore. 

We are working with five doctors and two nurses. Some of the trainees are from a hospital that is connected to the Mysore Medical College.

The first day of the training / screening, we opened with a traditional lighting of a lamp (see picture) to invoke blessings upon our endeavor, and then received a nice welcoming speech from the Director of the hospital and also from Dr. Vijaya. After Dr. Rhoda and Dr. Ruth completed a first didactic session with the trainees, we screened 27 women. The second day, we screened 41! So far there is less pathology here than has been our experience over in Andhra Pradesh, so we have been finishing a little earlieer and having more time for resting or sight seeing or shopping.

We still are in love with Mysore and still are blown away by the level of organization and preparation that has preceded our arrival. 

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