Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Week 2 in Pearl Lagoon:Blog from Shana Wetzler

Well the second week has officially started!! The new crew is all settled into Pearl Lagoon-welcomed with a 'power outage' the first day. But so far, everyone is just wonderful! Sarah and I have 2 new running partners (Kate and Selena) for our morning runs prior to clinicals. This morning was a beautiful day to run, clear skies and a small breeze. Always a wonderful way to start off the day.

Coffee and breakfast to greet us after our run...always my favorite!
Today in Pearl Lagoon at the clinic, has been a little hectic. Although, as Carol will always say "its the first day, its supposed to be hectic!"

The staff here has been very helpful. Ellen (a nurse at Pearl Lagoon clinic), her mother made homemade 'PICO' a pastry filled with sugar and cinnamon...YUM!!!
The weather is beautiful with sunny days...leading to hot and humid-ness. Minimal rain yet so far since the week has started.

We have been seeing many returning patients that PINCC saw in the past 2 visits last year. The wait time for each patient is a little longer than last week, but we are working on our 'time factor'.
The lunches this week have been super delicious, homemade from a great cook named Warner, local man here.

So far so good on this second week!!!!


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