Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pearl Lagoon, June 2014, Photos and text by Dr. Nancy Reynolds, Gynecologist

Today began with the news that one of our nurses' cousins had died in Managua. She was in her 30s and had been diagnosed a year ago on the first PINCC visit to Laguna de Perla. She left 4 children motherless. This sad news reminded us of the significance of our mission. 300,000 women are diagnosed annually with preventable cervical cancer worldwide. In my 35 year career in the U.S. I have diagnosed only 4-5 women. It is rare because we practice prevention.
The clinic and patients from a village, Orinoco, who came by panga today for cervical cancer screening.
Photographs of Nurse Elcia and  Doctor Maria Inez, that I worked with today.
A truck parked outside the clinic.
The cryo therapy unit was successfully repaired today so we treated 2 women with pre cancer.

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