Friday, June 6, 2014

Last day in Pearl Shana Wetzler

Well, the last day has now officially come…Friday. What happened to the time, the two weeks of the trip? This time here has FLEW by!!

The work here have been long days; some with sunshine and heat, others are humid along with down-pours. Regardless of the weather, every day our group has strived to work hard; to teach the clinicians in Pearl Lagoon to maintain cervical cancer screening without PINCC returning; educating members of the society about cervical cancer; working in rooms filled with many women with limited air conditioning; keeping up with all the paperwork, computer work and medical records; cleaning and stocking each room. Everything in the past 2 weeks has made the experience here be a total thrill!!

The local 'Pearl Lagoon' folk, the PINCC crew and the staff at each hospital have been totally amazing! I will miss each and every person…it brings tears to my eyes to think that tomorrow I will fall asleep in a hotel room all alone somewhere in Houston awaiting a flight back home to Wyoming. I have become so close with everyone here that it will be heartbreaking to leave.

The simplicity of the lifestyle here in Nicaragua is one thing that I will miss more than I can say.  People tend to walk slower taking in the beautiful day, sunshine and life in general. Once the locals get to know you, they will smile as you pass with a simple greeting. Children are riding their bikes, playing baseball, and running around their houses with friends. One thing that I have noticed is that children here seem very happy and content. The mothers are very attentive and the older siblings are second hands to help tend to the youngsters.  

On a regular day I have noticed that horses wander down the dirt roads. Cows wander in the fields. Chickens roam around each house. Dogs lay in the sidewalks. Hummingbirds feast on the beautiful flowers growing all over. The 'farm lifestyle' is one thing I will miss the most. Children walk to school each day in groups, dressed in classy uniforms. White shirts, green bottoms, skirts for the girls and pants for the boys. All carrying backpacks…smiles greet us each day.

Our day ends with our group separating prior to dinner. Some go back to the room to rest, others socialize. We all reconvene for dinner at a local restaurant…changes each night. The late night walks back to the hotel have been exhilarating. Cool breeze and calm…a perfect way to end each day.  The power has only gone out a few times this week, but overall we have been sleeping in air conditioned rooms throughout the nights.

Even though it is a goodbye for some of us, the rest of the crew will be continuing on to El Salvador next week. I have heard so many great things about El Salvador and in some way…I'm slightly jealous I'm not going!! I can't wait to hear all of the stories of next week. It will be a great adventure and I wish everyone safe travels! Thank you again PINCC for a great learning and travel experience. One I will never forget!!


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