Sunday, June 2, 2013

PINCC team in Leon Nicaragua June 2, 2013

Saturday, 6/1/13

It's rainy season in Nicaragua, and the air is heavy with humidity.   Managua is quite sad, except for a park along the lake full of colorful restaurants and playgrounds.  A few 2-wheeled horse-drawn carts navigate among the cars.   Vendors move through the neighborhoods singing out their wares.  The cathedral has not been repaired since the devastating earthquake of 1972. 


Sunday, 6/2/13

This morning the PINCC group moved from rainy Managua.  We are now staying at the charming Hotel Real in Leon.    Sitting in rockers on the patio, we gathered around Carol as she explained the work we will be doing.  The clinicians broke off and spoke together while we support folks and interpreters reviewed the medical questionnaire.   Carol assigned a team of 2 to each of the medical suitcases.  We will be responsible for their contents, and safe return of the costly instruments and medicines.   Carol is well organized and very calm.  She reminded us that if anything goes wrong, it's her fault.   I feel very safe around her.

We broke for dinner after our training session.    We are a group of 16.  About half are in their 20's while most of the rest have passed our 40th birthdays, some quite a while ago.   Dr. Pam's children are with us, charming us with their games and drawings.

We will turn in early tonight, so we can be fresh for tomorrow's adventure. 

Patricia Spross

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