Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Reva - PINCC's MPH Summer Intern!

Today is PINCC's MPH Summer Intern's 26th birthday!  
Happy Birthday Reva Grimball!  
by Tina Romenesko

Can you think of a better way to spend your birthday than on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, sitting in a damp hallway, interviewing women about their knowledge and practices concerning cervical cancer?  PINCC's summer intern, Reva Grimball. is doing just that!  Her summer project will be analyzing the data she collects to help PINCC inform others of the need for their services in areas just like Laguna de Perla.  

Reva has an undergrad degree from St Edwards University in Austin with a Major in Biology and a Minor in Spanish.  She just completed her first year in Berkely's Graduate Master's in Public Health program, with an emphasis on Infectious disease and vaccinology.  I quizzed her about the safety and efficacy of vaccines to which she replied that she is 100% pro-vaccine.  Her enthusiasm includes, whole heartedly, the new vaccine for the Human papillomavirus, or HPV, which is the cause of cervical cancer.  " Cervical cancer can be prevented and is eradicable because it has no animal reservoir.  In Australia, the HPV vaccination is mandatory."  She also emphasized the importance of vaccinating both young women and young men, as the virus is passed between the sexes with sexual contact.  Even though it is best to vaccinate before the onset of sexual activity, young people can be vaccinated up until the age of 26.  "We were able to eradicate smallpox with vaccines.  It's time to do the same with HPV."  

Reva said she was attracted to PINCC because of their ties with infectious disease (HPV) and women's issues, as well as their emphasis on sustainable programs that focus on education and treatment.

We are all looking forward to Reva's birthday cake tonight with dinner.  :)

PS:  Cake was delicious - from the PINK BAKERY.  Chelsea had tried to order the cake the day before, from our favorite local baker, and they informed her that it was dependent on the electricity (absolutely necessary for baking a cake) and the temperature (cakes cool slowly here!)  I am happy to report that the cake was enjoyed by all - with a nice round of Happy Birthday To YOU!!!!

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