Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kisii to Nairobi

Habari gani, rafiki ya PINCC? (Which may or may not mean "How are you
doing, friends of PINCC?")

I am with PINCC for the first time, in Kenya for the first time,
blogging for the first time. Lots of firsts! We have just arrived at
the Mennonite Guest House in Nairobi, which is a beautiful garden
sanctuary. Our time in Kisii was very satisfying. It was PINCC's final
trip there and it appears that cervical screening in Kisii Level 5
Hospital (<>) has great momentum going forward. The
midwives are excited about the project and are diligently screening
women every day in two different clinics. Dr Ondari, their new
gynecologist, has already led a training for other midwives and
clinicians in the region. And the medical director of the hospital
clearly has ambitions for the hospital to be a model of cervical
cancer screening for the region. It is very exciting, and a very
inspiring introduction to PINCC for me, which appears to be a model of
how international efforts can help train local providers to
independently provide the services that they themselves feel are
essential to provide.

Tomorrow we go to Kibera in Nairobi, a brand new site, which promises
to be an entirely different, but also exciting, experience. I'm
looking forward to it. And I'm also loving Kenya - the beauty, the
warmth of the people, the way that everyone who greets you takes the
time to inquire how you're doing, the gingeriness of Stoney Tangawizi,
the English Premier League football on every bar TV, the chapatis, the
chaos of the boda-bodas, the sweet burnt smell, the odd cow in the
road, the deliciously ripe pineapple, the whole package. I feel very
lucky that we are so welcomed to do this work here.

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