Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kibera continues...

Today was day 4 of our time at the JJJ Clinic in Kibera. The trainees continue to make progress, and we continue to catch early lesions (so far have only found one case of invasive cervical cancer) that can be treated with cryotherapy or LEEP. Today we learned that the hearty lunches they have fed us every day are prepared by the families of the girls in the attached girls school. The school is free - including uniforms, shoes and two meals a day - but someone from each student's family has to commit five weeks of work to the school. So the mothers, or sisters, or aunties of the girls have been cooking us lunch. Yesterday they had to prepare food for the 100 girls in the school, the 80 clinic staff members, the 6 of us and the 20 community health workers at our training. Quite a feat! It's inspiring to see how committed the girls' families are to their education and how integrated the community is to the work of the school and the clinic.

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