Thursday, November 10, 2011


Last Saturday we held classes for willing Salvadorenos that came in voluntarily on the national Bicentenial holiday to complete their training with PINCC. Dra. Patricia de Banos, the person who "put it all together in El Salvador" is pictured in the first attached photo. The PINCC team then dispersed and Kay, Carol, Samantha and Lyell continued to Lima and met up with Nancy Levine, Janet Wiese, and Natalia Tocino and headed north to Huaral at 5am Monday morning. Huaral proved to be challenging in many ways, but PINCC's training there will definitely benefit the women of Huaral and surrounding areas as there is MUCH need for cervical cancer screening there---sadly, we had to turn away women each of the three days we were there as there were still women waiting in line after 5 pm each day. The stats for El Salvador and for Huaral, our first 3 days in Peru are as follows:
El Salvador:
Total Patients seen for IVAA: 236
Cryo's: 22
LEEP's: 7
Huaral, Peru:
Total Patients seen for IVAA: 268
Cryo's: 6
LEEP's: 9
In order, the next photos show Natalia teaching women's health to the women waiting for their IVAA exams, photo 3 is Nancy teaching the midwives how to identify lesions, Janet teaching beginning students IVAA exam techniques, next is Noris, the midwife who coordinated the PINCC training, and, last but not least, the PINCC team shortly before departing Huaral. Tomorrow is the first of our 2 days working in Lima and we will try to blog one more time before heading home. All the volunteers send love to all their friends, families and supporters. Buenas noches, Lyell Fox

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