Friday, November 4, 2011


Another special day with the pincc team alongside representatives from
the Ministry of Health and at least my favorite clinic yet.

Today we worked at a a clinic in Nejapa called ProVida. This was one
of the fist sites PINCC ever worked at and there{s a strong connection
and mutual respect.

ProVida is a community clinic, and those of us who{ve worked in then
even in the US know that there is a kinship in them that is different
from most other healthcare delivery sites. This clinic has worked
very hard to build itself from the ground up - literally as we arrived
to even new contruction since PINCC was there last.

Nejapa is a more rural community about 40 minutes outside of San
Salvador. Again, nurses and doctors from clinics and healh sites all
around San Salvador came to work today to learn VIA, sharpen their
skills, or become certified. We ran 6 rooms yesterday very smoothly
seeing patients for VIA exams while teaching new participants the
process and doing LEEP and cryo for new and prescreened patients.

Yesterday was extra-special. Soukeyna, my daughter, also turned 14
yesterday. The staff sang Las Mañanitos to her in the morning
introduction and, after clinic, we had a little party for her with
cake, singing and dancing with the clinic staff and participants. One
of the best days by far! Pictures to come...Michele Bunker-Alberts

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  1. Just wanted to say hello and thanks for the postings! My daughter, Samantha, is there with you on her first PINCC adventure. It's great to hear about the wonderful work you all are doing, and I love hearing that you have brought your young daughter(s) to be part of this amazing experience. Maybe one day I can volunteer with Samantha!

    All the best,
    Robin Kerns