Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fwd: Pincc gang

I am so proud of our group  today.  The work we began yesterday started gelling, and you could hear the learning happening.
We saw 40+ patients (4 docs proctoring, Ginger floating and everywhere at once, Carole as our fearless Leader, and Rebecca as our one-woman support team!), an abnormal lesion was found and cryo was performed, and the student Gynecologue demonstrated and taught the LEEP procedure (on some meat in an upended plastic cup).  The Chaplain is counseling interested women who admit to a history of DV/rape.
In my room so far, I am very impressed with my students. My one returning student has kept a good ledger and I am optimistic she will be certified this trip.  All three students are excellent clinicians.  Today we had several good clear SCJ's and two good Lugol's exams that gave us essential additional information.  On the suggestion of one of the other proctors, a couple of the students practiced drawing SCJ's from the pictures on the flashcards; the improvement was visible within 20 minutes!
And most of this is taking place in French!  Thanks the heavens that Ginger's French is fluent, and the rest of us are managing to get our ideas across just fine. In my case I am thankful for the miracle!
Tonight we returned to our Baptist Rest House tired but happy, to the usual gourmet repast: rice, vegetable, chicken and papaya for dessert.  Our cook, named Blessing (!), is a miracle of loving generosity who has already given me two great big hugs, and of whom we have already all grown very fond!
I can hear the cicadas and frogs in concert warming up outside... (the frogs sound HUGE! but they are probably tiny...)
Time to head to bed. Tomorrow is another day...

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