Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Leon, First Two Days

 Leon, Nicaragua,  First Two Days

Day 2 of the final Leon site visit and its amazing the difference from Day 1. For experienced PINCC volunteers this is probably a given, but as a first timer - it is really impressive!

The beauty of Day 1 however was the greeting our returning volunteers received from the hospital staff and trainees. Even for volunteers from years ago it was the welcoming of long lost friends and beautiful to see. The ensuing chaos was expected but everyone kept moving, kept calm, and by the end, 35 patients had been seen and several procedures done.

Day 2 was transformative though and beyond being impressed by tasks completed, I can now see the real magic that is happening here. Trainees who were unable discern what they were looking for on exams or in pt histories are showing remarkable vision even in one day of training. And volunteer trainers have achieved a much greater level of comfort in their roles as teachers, smiling, joking and cheering their students successes. A week seems time such a short time to be here but I am getting a sense of what can be accomplished in as little as that.

Of course every trek has its bumps scattered in the path so...from equipment held hostage at the airport, a computer that continues to digest inputted info to some invisible file but then eventually, thankfully, spits it out exactly where it should be; to our new favorite question "which is the room that had the nitrous leak???"; there are so many opportunities to go with laughter instead if dismay, and i love that this group choices laughter! Carol is an inspiring mentor in this regard and our Ambassador, Baby Nehru is a constant source of smiles and love!

I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of all of it and can't wait to see how the week unfolds!
Kristi RN, 1st time volunteer

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