Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bonjour from Cameroon


The PINCC team from the US- Carol, Dr.Melissa, Debra, Reid, Shelby, Dr.Amy, Dr.Katie, Dr.Christina and Monica- arrived safely, Carol holding a sign & awaiting our arrival as we passed through customs & finally exhaled.

Dr.Melissa's bag was lost en route, deciding to take a side trip to either Atlanta or Paris- but will hopefully be found & arrive tomorrow. Thank goodness Dr.Melissa's daughter, Shelby, is here for mother-daughter clothes sharing!

Daily DEET, nightly romantic mosquito nets, Carol's stock in bottled water and Carol's ban on fresh vegetables has kept us all relatively healthy:)

Daily adventures include Debra, Reid & Shelby all getting locked in the bathroom! Carol & Amy's adventure to find an "aspirador petite" and delicious adventures with Cameroonian cuisine- fried fish, meat stews, fried chicken, (we've all given up on vegetarianism) Irish potatoes! pizza! pancakes!

The Cameroonian participants are wonderful, motivated, smart & learning quickly. Today we did 41 exams and a patient even danced out of the clinic room after her VIA exam was "adequate" and "negative"!!

We are off to a good start in Cameroon, many smiles on all our faces:))

Au revoir,

Christina Hamilton

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