Monday, August 13, 2012

Arrived safely in Kenya

After an easy border crossing but a long drive complete with a bit of
pouring rain and a loose fan belt, we arrived in Kenya yesterday. (So
far the bathroom in Busia at the Uganda/Kenya border, which costs 10
Kenyan schillings to use gets our vote for the worst of the trip).
After thanking Mike, our driver, for his fantastic driving skills, we
settled in at The Kitale Club. It's an interesting and pretty place,
set on a golf course. We were happy to be able to sit outside on the
patio and watch the sunset - which we did for a while since it took so
long for our dinner to be ready!

Today was our first day working at Endebess Hospital and we were happy
to set up and get working. We had many trainees with varying levels
of expertise so it will be interesting to see how they progress
throughout the week. Everyone seemed enthusiastic about continuing
their training and was eager to perform lots of exams.

Maria, an MPH student, joined our group here and is working with the
community health workers to educate them and some of the clients about
HPV and cervical cancer.

I'm looking forward to more work tomorrow (and hopefully a shower with
hot water).

Will try to keep writing and updating you on our progress. Sorry no
pictures yet but I am working on it!

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