Thursday, June 7, 2012

We are enjoying the cool weather of Lima and the lovely facilities of the clinic where we have been working, but are overwhelmed with patients.  100 the first day, and then Carol limited it to 60-- but we still ended up closer to 75 for the next 2 days!  Busy-- and the same trials and tribulations with the trainees and good moments and tough ones-- but there is certainly need, evidenced by the sheer volume of women we are seeing and the numbers we are turning away (40-80 each day).  I gave my lecture to a group of 30-40 last night, and I give many thanks to Sallie for help in translation-- as I worked it into a powerpoint cutting and pasting and adjusting on a bumpy 1+ hr bus ride to the clinic each morning.  OK, off for another day of PINCC adventure.  
From Pam Lotke, MD, OB/GYN, Medical Director in Peru, June 2012

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