Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Nicaraguan Mother´s Day

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012. Mother's Day here in Nicaragua and a big deal it is! We walk along our route to the hospital where we begin our third day here. The Dining for Women group has been here for a whopping 4days (!) and they are already super seasoned and they have the routine down pat.  It's truly impressive! -  I think that sometimes they underestimate the amount of support they offer but it is truly noticeable and obvious. It's funny how one doesn't have to speak the same language to communicate compassion and support!
I don't know how many patients we saw today, it felt like a lot and the team I was with was a well oiled machine, Ismara the RN and Cecelia the general physician - It is such an honor to work with such dedicated professionals.
One patient sticks out in my mind, (at this particular moment, many more are in the back of my mind). This patient came from quite a distance, (had to leave her house at 5 in the a.m. and arrived at 7a.m.) and as she entered the exam room I saw here make the sign of the cross. Quietly, subtly, and I realized how nervous she was and how TRUSTING she was. Again, what an honor! We ended up finding a lesion and providing her cryotherapy and she left the clinic at about 4p.m. She did well, and her grace was beautiful. A gift. And, a gift to be part of that - to be part of the team that is PINCC that could serve this woman! Happy Mothers Day! Anne Daly 

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