Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saludos de Leon!

We are getting ready to leave Nicaragua, everyone but myself is going on to El Salvador. It has been a wonderful week here in Nicaragua.

Monday and Tuesday we were in El Sauce at a hospital that's been up and running for 1 year. There was a full waiting room when we arrived at 7am with many women coming from far away homes to be examined. In total, we saw 50 patients over the 2 days, all very grateful for us being there.

Tuesday night we headed back to Leon, and have spent the rest of the week at HEODRA, the hospital here. We had wonderful trainees and worked with wonderful people that helped coordinate the program. I got to see a few exams and procedures and it was very clear that every single one of the women that we saw were extremely grateful for us, even when there are several people crowded around and looking at their cervix. One thing we made sure to do was to get the patients who had a history of sexual abuse an opportunity to speak with a psychologist, this was very important as many of these women don't get a chance to do this and many of them have had such difficult lives. It's great to actually see all of the wonderful things PINCC is doing for these women.

It was a successful week for PINCC and an incredible experience to have.

A video of the trainees singing the Nicaraguan birthday song to me, which was so sweet

A video of Carol's longtime friend Carola singing at her restaurant La Olla Quemada where we had dinner on Friday night

Jaynia Anderson

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