Monday, August 29, 2011

Update from Africa

As usual, Africa is somewhat chaotic, and we struggle with spotty electricity, overworked staff, inability to hook up the cryotank, scant resources; but we have made major strides despite all this in our Gombe, Uganda clinic. The health workers are very excited and enthusiastic, both clinical and community workers. The Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Lule Haruna, has been given responsibility as District Health Officer as well, and 2 of his doctors were sent for further training, so they were really tight on doctors. But he is so committed, he found time to study the techniques in the evenings, and came for training in LEEP; he scored only one part wrong answer on our post-test, and is excellent at teaching. The community health team has started insisting the HIV+ women come for screening, and we did 5 LEEPs, saving these lives. There were 4 other LEEPs as well. I think Gombe will be a very successful program!

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