Tuesday, July 5, 2011

PINCC India completes fifth clinic at SSSMH

A typical SSSMH clinic scene: Arithmetic, English, Telugu, the Goddess Lakshmi, and the Gynecology section!

July 5 2010
John Adams

We were overjoyed at how excellently the SSSMH team of gynecologists have developed and made this program their own. Duirng the six months since our last visit in December, they racked up the following numbers:

VIA -- 1276
Pap -- 16
Biopsy -- 260
Cryo -- 40
LEEP -- 8

They also referred 12 women with cervical cancer to various cancer treatment centers.

We had two wonderful visits from earlier patients. A woman who was referred with cancer two years ago stopped by to thank PINCC and to get rescreened -- she is completely healthy! Another woman who had a LEEP done two years ago also stopped by for rescreening and expressed her gratitude as well. 

During the just completed five day camp, we saw 225 women, performed 4 LEEPS and 6 cryos.

We will not need to bring PINCC-India back to this site. When we come to be at the ashram, we may go along for a day or two, but only to check in and exchange greetings. 

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