Thursday, February 17, 2011

The end draws near

Sadly this is the first time I'm blogging as this glorious trip is
coming to an end. However today was definitely something to write home

For the last week we've been in Kapenguria, which is much more rural
than our previous week in Kisii. Oddly we had relatively few clients
for the first three days and then today, everyone and their mother
showed up. So in the midst of the chaos Carol convinced my fellow
support staff friend Jessie to play the flute, which in turn inspired
the line of 40 or so women waiting for their exams to burst into song.
It was awesome to say the least.

Also it was really sad to say goodbye to Silvester, a young child with
severe burns on his legs who had been cruising around on his walker,
and playing with the lot of this for this last week. He was the best
part of this trip for me so far.

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