Saturday, December 11, 2010

John Adams re PINCC developments this trip in India

Greetings from 'Parthi in AndhraPradesh

First the important news -- Deborah looked smashing in a sari yesterday! She borrowed one from Rhoda and wore it to our village of the day.

We are receiving much support and encouragement to continue building towards a sustainable, locally operated train the trainer centre in Mysore. We spent an evening with Rotary International leaders in Mysore, and they were quite encouraging of us to send them a proposal for local support of various kinds -- I am working on that proposal now. The next evening, we hosted a dinner for 30 of the most senior members of the gynecology community in Mysore -- Senior professors from the two primary medical schools, senior administrators from the Cheluvamba Women's Hospital, senior physicians, our wonderful trainees, and even the District Health Officer (DHO). We shared our goal of a locally operated centre for training health care workers to carry out VIA and preventive treatments -- to be established by 2013. They were also quite encouraging.

We will spend Monday and Tuesday in Vishakapatnam (NE Andhra) exploring possible PINCC-India involvement there. There is a large steel company there that operates a general hospital. The Sai Seva organization would coordinate outreach and patient education and bring village women to the hospital for VIA etc. The doctor there (Dr. Suryaprabha) has been trained by Rhoda and Kay at the SSSMH.

John Adams, Ph.D.

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