Sunday, July 11, 2010

PINCC-India, August 2010

PINCC-India will swing into action again in August.

John Adams, Administrator, PINCC-India

We will be providing the third round of screening and training for the volunteer gynecologists who serve the Sri Sathya Sai Mobile Hospital (Andhra Pradesh state) August 9-12. The already trained doctors have continued to conduct VIA and to perform Cryo and LEEP treat...ments on a monthly basis. Dr. Narasimhan, the SSSMH Director, is eager to offer the VIA training to all 30 or so of the gynecologist volunteers, so we will be traveling with the Mobile Hospital for awhile yet!

Prior to this, we will begin work a new site at the St. Joseph Hospital in Mysore, providing screening for village and tribal women in western Karnataka state, and training for six doctors and two nurses. This site is being sponsored by the Public Health Reasearch Institute of India (PHRI) and the Prerana Reproductive Health Clinic of Mysore.

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